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Stop Making Excuses Not To Exercise

21 September 2021

Todd Motto

Exercise. That dreaded word. Let’s reinvent it so it doesn’t sound like a chore. I also challenge you to really look at your life to find time to get fit and healthy.

I’m going to share my story of how I went from daily fatigue, body aches, not being able to swim, not having “time for exercise” and how through daily dedication I became a faster swimmer than IronMan athletes that train at my local pool.

Not to mention, my physique has completely changed. Just look at my face.

30kg of weight loss and feeling fantastic again.
30kg of weight loss and feeling fantastic again.

But first, what comes into your head when you think of “exercise”?

Marathon runners? Olympians? Sweating? Hard work? Pain? Would you rather be watching Netflix… again?

I also don’t like the term “exercise”. We are born to move. It shouldn’t be labelled anything special when we are simply doing what we are created for. For some reason in this day and age - we forget that.

It’s almost a surprise to tell people - they respond like “wow, you work out? But how do you find time?!”.

Well my friend, there is always time. You just have a list of excuses.

I run a business, have a wife and daughter, see friends, make family time, have 2 dogs - and still turn up to swim every day. I simply make it my priority. And before you ask, I do not get up at 4am to swim, I fit it somewhere into my day. I wake up at 7-8am and sleep at midnight.

You wouldn’t believe what you are capable of in just 1 hour a day. Even 30 minutes. You’d learn how fast you could truly run. How far you could swim or cycle. What strength you have, physically and mentally. What challenges you could tackle.

You can learn to be unstoppable. I also understand the challenge more than anyone.

From this moment I challenge you to stop thinking about exercise as “exercise”.

Let’s introduce a new word - training. Let’s start your training.

Why? Exercise feels like a chore - do the dishes, tidy the house, do some exercise.

Training? Feels like a roadmap. A mission. It never ends, we constantly seek improvement. It is an incremental process. A journey. Your journey.

Last year, I decided I wanted to ‘become’ a swimmer. I wanted to swim fast. I wanted to swim far. I started to challenge others in the pool. Fast forward to today, and I am one of the fastest in the pool. Every time. I make sure I am.

I wanted to be fast, it gave me a mission, a reason to take swimming seriously. As such my diet and daily training became easy, it was a pleasure to fuel myself knowing the next day I could be even faster. There are IronMan athletes that swim with me, and I am faster than most of them. I love to be competitive. If they can be fast, why can’t I? It gives me a real push.

Last week I swam 5000m (5km) in 1hr 34mins. That was the furthest I’d ever swam at a solid pace (1:53/100m for the whole 5000m). As I swam, I thought I was crazy.

A new challenge to swim 5000m! Usually 2500-3000m a day.
A new challenge to swim 5000m! Usually 2500-3000m a day.

Last year I couldn’t even swim to the end of the pool without gasping for breath and my body screaming at me to stop and get back to the couch. Fuck that. I pressed on. Those early days were tough, but you have to stick with the programme. Truly commit and trust the process. You will only see when you get there.

I would love to have watched someone swim 5000m a year ago. I would have never thought it was even possible for anyone to do that, let alone my pizza addicted self.

Today, my fastest 100m sprint is 1min 15secs. I usually swim 2500m in around 42-44minutes at a 1:42/100m pace. 1000m in around 15mins.

That’s my story. I train to swim. I don’t just jump into the pool for some quick “exercise”. There is no mission there, I need a goal to keep me focused and inject some passion into.

So the real reason you’re here and still reading is - HOW do I find time to swim every single day?

I believe if you wrote down your life schedule on paper, every hour of the day, you could find 1 hour to swim, bike, run, walk - or whatever it is you’re into. 1 hour. You can give that Netflix episode a miss, it’ll still be there tomorrow, don’t worry. Eat dinner faster. Head home slightly earlier. There are a thousand solutions to finding your 60 minutes.

I looked at my life closely and saw I was entertaining things that I didn’t really care about. Things had simple become routine and engrained in me. That’s why it felt like there was “no time”. It was all a lie, I was just doing things “backwards”.

Backwards? Yes! Here’s how I look at my day now…

I wake up, and think “when can I swim today?”. That’s it, I book my swimming slot for 1 hour at the local pool and I then start my usual day. I work, time my lunch correctly, see how my body is feeling, and I can slow down or speed up my day based on when I am going to swim.

The idea here is not to “make time” for a swim. I book the swim first and then work around it. That’s what I mean by backwards. When you schedule your training in, you then have something to look forward to. A target. Get everything else in the day complete and reward yourself with your training and time out.

Reward? Yes! Swimming for me gives me the most incredible feeling ever. The endorphin release is second to none, and you crave it. You need it! Why?…

Over time, your brain chemistry will change. You will change. Your body will change. Your confidence will skyrocket. You will sleep better. Work better. Feel better. Look better. Be better.

My goal is to help you become your best self, in whatever way that is.

Find your passion and go get it.

All you need is 60 minutes.

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